Becoming a Member of ACE-AJ: Join the Movement for Access to Justice in Africa

Welcome to the Africa Center of Excellence for Access to Justice (ACE-AJ)! We are excited to invite prospective individuals and organizations to apply for membership and become a part of our mission to promote holistic justice consciousness and work towards equitable, affordable, and relevant access to justice for all in Africa.

Membership Criteria:

1. Alignment with ACE-AJ’s Mission: Prospective members should demonstrate a clear alignment with ACE-AJ’s mission to promote holistic justice consciousness and work towards equitable, affordable, and relevant access to justice for all in Africa.
2. Legal Status: Organizations seeking membership should be legally registered entities within their respective countries and comply with relevant laws and regulations governing non-profit and civil society organizations.
3. Demonstrated Commitment to Access to Justice: Potential members should ideally have a proven track record of at least 5 years, actively working to improve access to justice, legal empowerment, and human rights for marginalized communities in Africa.
4. Experience and Expertise: The organization should have demonstrated expertise in the field of access to justice, legal aid, legal empowerment, community justice, human rights, or related areas, with a history of implementing successful projects and initiatives.
5. Geographic Reach: Consideration should be given to organizations that operate across different regions or countries in Africa, ensuring diverse representation and the potential for broader impact.
6. Governance and Transparency: Prospective members should have a transparent governance structure and accountability mechanisms in place to ensure responsible and ethical practices.
7. Collaborative Orientation: Organizations seeking membership should be willing and able to actively participate in collaborative efforts, share knowledge, and contribute to the collective goals of ACE-AJ.
8. Financial Viability: Potential members should demonstrate a track record of sound financial management practices.
9. Impact Assessment: Organizations should be able to provide evidence of the impact and outcomes of their access to justice initiatives, showcasing tangible benefits to the communities they serve.
10. Capacity for Learning and Adaptation: Prospective members should exhibit a willingness to learn, adapt, and innovate in response to emerging challenges and changing circumstances in the access to justice landscape.
11. Commitment to Gender Equality and Inclusivity: Organizations seeking membership should demonstrate a commitment to promoting gender equality, social inclusion, and addressing intersectional issues in their access to justice initiatives.
12. Ethical Standards: Prospective members should adhere to high ethical standards, respecting human rights, cultural diversity, and the principles of social justice in their work.

Application Process:

The selection of new members is a rigorous and transparent evaluation process, involving input from existing members, the Board of Directors, and relevant stakeholders. This ensures that new members contribute meaningfully to ACE-AJ’s mission and vision, further strengthening the network’s collective impact in advancing access to justice across Africa.

To apply for membership, please follow these steps:
  1. Send a letter to or, outlining how your organization meets the specified criteria.
  2. Attach any supporting documents that showcase your organization’s work, impact, and commitment to the access to justice cause.

Note: Members of membership organizations that are already part of ACE-AJ are automatically considered members and need not apply separately.

Join us in making a difference!

By becoming a member of ACE-AJ, you join a community of dedicated individuals and organizations working together to create meaningful change in the access to justice landscape in Africa. Your expertise, commitment, and passion will contribute to our collective efforts in achieving equitable access to justice for all. We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to the ACE-AJ family.

For inquiries or more information, please contact us at

Together, let's build a just and inclusive Africa for all.