LAF – Rwanda

The Legal Aid Forum (LAF) is a membership-based network of 38 national and international NGOs, professional bodies, universities, Legal Aid Clinics and faith-based initiatives, established in 2006.

LAF creates a platform for discussion where organisations can learn from each other and collaborate on initiatives that will both strengthen the capacity of members and facilitate advocacy on issues related to legal aid service provision.

LAF believes that equitable access to justice is crucial to combating poverty, promoting good governance and the rule of law. It is a basic human right and an indispensable means towards conflict resolution.

Access to justice must be accessible and affordable to all citizens, including poor and vulnerable groups. Therefore, a fair and well-functioning system of legal aid is vital to ensuring justice, fairness, equality and development.

LAF works to ensure equitable access to justice by:

  • Increasing collaboration and complementarity between activities and actors in the domain of legal aid and access to justice;
  • Improving the quality and accessibility of legal aid service provision;
  • Reinforcing the capacity of interveners in the area of legal aid;
  • Identifying and initiating research and advocacy on legal issues affecting indigent population and vulnerable groups in Rwanda;
  • Contributing towards the development of an effective, sustainable legal aid system in Rwanda;
  • Mobilising resources and technical support to enhance legal aid.