PRAWA – Nigeria

PRAWA is a non-governmental charitable organization, which promotes human rights for people in prison while working to help those who have survived their prison term to successfully integrate into the community. It has observer status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Established in December 1994, PRAWA exists to provide practical support services to prisoners, ex-prisoners, survivors of torture, youth-at-risk, and their families. PRAWA’s main focus is on promoting Transformative justice models that recognize healing and accessible justice for victims, offenders and the community. PRAWA carries out its programmes through the following activities: training of prison officers and other criminal justice agents on human rights and good practice, policy advocacy, research, public awareness, and provision of prison/community based support services for target groups. PRAWA is a member of the National NGO Coalition on Penal Reform (a network of over 85 NGOs and religious bodies working on prisons and penal reform in Nigeria) and serves as its National Secretariat. It is also the coordinating center for of the Network of Specialised Rehabilitation Centres for the Treatment of Torture Survivors in Nigeria, and a member of the Sub Saharan Network Against Torture and Organised Violence (SANTOV).